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Greetings and excerpt

What is this book is about? (Excerpt):

"Higher Maintenance stems from the often-used expression “high maintenance” which refers to someone who demands a lot of frivolous things, attention and care. I would say without malice that those of us living with a chronic illness are high maintenance (not out of a need for more) just to get by, taking care of a body that, at times, barely functions. Every day is a high maintenance day for us, and this soon becomes a heavy burden that affects all aspects of our existence.

This is why Higher Maintenance is so important! It is a way of life that involves a shift in perception and a new awareness of our selves and the world in which we live.

Higher Maintenance is the care of the heart and the soul so that we may find joy and peace in our day-to-day life. It is my profound wish that through my story and the few, very simple tools I share, you will discover your own unique ways to manage your dragon and your life."

With love and warmest wishes for a serene and joyful Easter. 🌷🐰🐣🍀🌈


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