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How I found my own way one step at a time

The little video attached dates from 2016 just as I finished writing Higher Maintenance. I wanted to be one of the many voices out there bringing attention to ME/CFS and chronic illnesses in general. I needed to have a purpose and I like writing, so I went from there, to monthly blogs on coping and managing and growing as a person. I recorded the blogs for those who find reading more difficult.

Higher Maintenance has a long subtitle but is a short enough, simple read that relates my own story as if we were friends; it points out how I found ways to heal parts of my self and my life. I explain my journey from the lifelong perspective of a victim to an attitude of empowerment which was oddly enough, brought on by illness. Yes, illness is a mess of loss and sorrow but it also bears priceless gifts that can fill the heart with serenity and even allow joy to blossom within.

May my story help shed light on your unique path of healing. And beyond!


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