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Higher Maintenance is a journey to the heart, a journey which doesn’t shoot the dragon, but embraces it. I read this book in one shot, a rarity for me. The authenticity, humility and vulnerability with which the author writes made it easy for me to connect and feel like I was in an intimate conversation with her, even sharing a laugh at times. A courageous manifestation of a process that exposes the ups and downs of dealing with chronic illness, Higher Maintenance helps the reader, who may not suffer from such illness, understand more about the described invisible condition. For those who do experience the symptoms of chronic challenges, the author proposes some important key messages for dealing with them and offers hope.

Magda B., M.A., Therapist



I was lucky to win this book but even luckier to have been able to read it even though it took me awhile because of failing memory. This book brings a lot of comfort to the long-time patients and also to those who are just learning to live with a chronic illness like ME/CFS. I invite you to read this book and take your time to find all kinds of ways to discover resilience, courage and the inner strength that will help you get through life with an incurable disease... It will help you tame your dragon. The book is ''HIGHER MAINTENANCE'' by Marianne Granger.

When I feel lost, I read and read again, and fall asleep peacefully.  Thank you, Marianne!


Marie-Josée Blier




Reading this book was like sitting down and talking with an old friend. It was raw and real and completely honest. I related to everything! Those of us with Chronic Illness are starving for books like this. Books that make us feel validated and encouraged and not so alone. I desperately didn't want it to end and was left wanting MORE, MORE , MORE!! What a beautiful book, beautifully written by a beautiful soul!!

LeeAnn Walker


I started reading Higher Maintenance and I had trouble walking away from it, it's that good! I can identify with so much of what Marianne Granger is saying: the loneliness, isolation, friends disappearing, spouse ignoring you, etc... There are few books that move me, emotionally, but this certainly did. For anyone suffering in pain, this book takes you on a journey which teaches valuable lessons in coping. The author's personal insight is amazing. She writes so concisely and professionally, my gosh, I could never write like this! I admire her talent and ability to express herself so succinctly. What an EXCELLENT job on this book. I highly recommend it. Well done!

Rachael Allen


I have been blessed with fairly good health throughout my life but I am always aware that it could change at any time. A sense of arrogance can rear it's ugly head when you rarely get sick as you see friends and/or family go through one trauma after another with various health issues. This book gives a person a sense of hope and the ability to persevere. If I do become chronically ill in the future I will keep this book close by to read and read again. Thank you Marianne!

Claudette O'Donnell


Marianne Granger's book Higher Maintenance, is an excellent read for anyone with chronic illness. It has many wonderful ideas as to how to cope and work through your illness in your daily life. She helps the reader to see there is hope as we learn new ways to live our changed life. Even in illness, we don't have to give in or give up and she brings that into the light for the reader. She covers many of the challenges and disappointments we face and how to better cope - while loving who we are - just as we are. May you find help and peace within the pages of her amazing journey on paper.

Clarissa Shepherd, author of Find Your Way: A guide to Healing While Living with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction and Fibromyalgia.


Truly inspirational and well written. A book that confirms the transformational power of choosing love rather than fear. The author Marianne dealing not only with the dragon (the illness) but also with everyday life challenges of relationships, finances, disappointments, loses etc...was able to ultimately find peace with herself and others through this conscious choice. It is hard work as she explains but you get to see through her own experiences how bit by bit her consciousness begins to shift. It was very inspirational to me to read this book because the practices she shares with us in moving towards love and appreciation can apply to anyone. Thank you for sharing your story.

Antoni Carlone 


Higher Maintenance is an intimate story told with simplicity; it is profound and at times sprinkled with humour. It captivated me right from the start. As I kept reading, I was reminded that when the body protests it’s natural state of health, taming the Dragon is preferable to resisting our body’s wisdom. Overcoming negative and hurtful feelings with the weapon of Love is a life path for everyone, for we all have to face hurdles. Love in action in every moment is the one way to tame our own Dragon.

Sylvia Tremblay

Quebec, Canada


"I'm sure it was a very difficult undertaking for the author to put these extreme life experiences into words.  It is an impressive piece of work; articulate and very professional.  For those of us who have had some interaction with (or knowledge of) individuals living with this type of illness, but being rejected by peers, family, employers, medical professionals, insurance companies, etc. it is profoundly enlightening to read Marianne's accounts; relate them to other people we know and suddenly realize just how debilitating a seemingly transparent illness can really be. Marianne says there is no cure for many of these chronic illnesses.  However, the book gives readers some important guidance about living with illness, dealing with a 'dragon' and improving the quality of their life and the lives of those around them."

John V.

Ottawa, Canada.

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