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My first book

Published by Balboa Press in 2016

What this book is about

It is without malice that I would say that those of us living with a chronic illness are high maintenance, not out of a need for "more" but just to get by while taking care of a body that, at times, barely functions. Every day is a high maintenance day for us, and over time, this becomes a heavy burden that affects all aspects of our life.

This is why Higher Maintenance is so important! It is a way of life that involves a shift in perception and a new awareness of our self and the world in which we live. Higher Maintenance is the care of the heart and the soul, a means to experience gratitude and peace as we navigate through life's challenges. It is my profound wish that my story and the tools I share will also help others discover their own unique ways to manage their dragon and their life

Who this is book for

Higher Maintenance is first and foremost for anyone living with a chronic illness that has a major impact on his or her life. It will also be useful to people who care for and/or share their life with a chronically ill person.

Higher Maintenance brings insights to deepen understanding of the daily challenges encountered by the chronically ill. For this reason, partners, spouses, caretakers, family members and also health practitioners will benefit from this book in that it will enable them to better support those who so often feel misunderstood.

Everyone who knows a chronically ill person will find Higher Maintenance a simple, yet eye-opening read.

Why I wrote Higher Maintenance

I want to make a difference for people who must navigate through a life that has been turned upside down by illness. In this sometimes very personal account of my life with a chronic disease, I wanted to share lessons learned and blessings discovered so that I could bring a bit more joy and serenity in the lives of those dealing with a dragon.

Through support groups in social media, many people have inspired me by their courage, wisdom, humor and love. This book is my way of honoring them and of "paying it forward".


I am donating 50% of my proceeds from the sales of this book to support

#MEAction, a global, grassroots network for people with

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.  (

Higher Maintenance

is available on-line

from the following vendors:

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