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Mini Bio

Marianne Granger is my pen-name and I'm a French native of Quebec (Canada). A trained psychosocial counselor, helping people has always been a driving force for me. In 1984, I developed and presented prenatal workshops, also providing new parents with a free 24h help-line aimed at guiding them to trust their instincts and intuition.


As a single mother of two teen-agers, I became coordinator of a Volunteer Center and later, director of a large Food Bank. I managed and trained employees and volunteers for over 10 years. I wrote, designed, edited and published promotional material, magazines, newsletters and a book for fundraising.


My love of reading, writing and cinema lead me to study screenwriting, which culminated in a polished feature-length screenplay. In 2001, I was struck down by a mysterious illness, quit my job and managed to become a Certified Life Coach by the end of 2002. I enjoyed a small private practice guiding clients toward the fulfillment of their unique potential, and more importantly, to inner peace.


The illness took its toll however, and I was eventually unable to work. My condition is somewhat more stable today although no cure has yet been found. I am mostly housebound.

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